Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not sure what to think

I had a conversation with my sister the other day.. We worry about mom. But mom acts like there is nothing to worry about. We are a family that internalizes everything. Not big talkers on real subjects. Dad called worried as he went off to work for the night shift, Her BP was high. Shouldn't somebody with high BP always take it to monitor it? She acts like I'm crazy when I ask her.  She battles this no matter what the bp med is. She is not taking her chemo pills for leukemia. She brushes it off. Who knows.. It was nice spending the day with her this past Tuesday. Drove her to Dr. She has been having Vertigo so wasn't safe to drive. She bought Maddi some dresses and ate at Pf Changs. I miss my feisty mom who enjoys being a smart ass. lol. Wheres the Fight? Makes me wanna cry. It was just too quiet. 

Today she has second round of Chemo. Last one really did her in and that was just the beginning. There is nothing worst than the waiting game with cancer. Where is it leading to? Is it working or is it not (chemo). Mom is stage four and it just makes the waiting game worst. To my extended family Melissa Geene and Aunt Margaret Thank you for your prayers.. 

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